Kiwiman and Robin

Kiwiman and Robin was shortlisted for Playmarket’s Plays for the Young compeition. It is aimed at children 3-10 years of age. If you would like to read Kiwiman and Robin, please email Jessica.


A pesky possum is trying to eat the native birds’ eggs in Robin’s backyard. Robin needs to protect them! Robin’s big sister Tui may be a bird eggspert, but she won’t believe Robin’s silly story about a possum out in the daytime, so she is no help.
If it weren’t for Possum’s crippling fear of heights, the eggs would be done for. Possum enlists the help of a boring Boar, a keen philatelist, who is not afraid of the top of a ladder. The eggs are in danger again!

Robin needs help. In fact she needs a superhero! Enter, Kiwiman!

But how super is this hero? His only superpower is an excellent sense of smell (which barely compensates for his terrible eyesight). Plus he isn’t used to being awake during the day, so he keeps falling asleep at the most inopportune moments. Luckily, the audience is there to help wake him up.
Kiwiman and Robin (well, mostly Robin) see through Possum’s cunning disguises -and Boar’s lacklustre side-kickery presents no real threat. Even so, the two heroes need Tui’s help to thwart Possum once-and-for-all and pack her up to where criminals like her belong: Australia.

(Run time, approximately 50 minutes)


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