My shiny, new podcast about my haggard, old body

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If you know me, you know my two of my favourite hobbies are:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Talking about my vagina

Well, Christmas has come early for me, because podcasts and my vagina have finally met.

That’s right, I am this month’s guest on the glorious and wonderful Spinoff parents podcast Dear Mamas, hosted by Holly Walker and Emily Writes. Holly and Emily are smart, funny and otherwise fabulous women and it was a privilege and a pleasure to hang out with them. They are kind of famous and I am sort of in love with them both, but I was totally cool about the whole thing and they will never know I how much time I spent reading their websites beforehand like I was preparing for a job interview and trying to choose the perfect outfit like I was going on a hot date.

In this episode we talk about the physical fallout from having babies, a topic I have already talked about at here and here and on HuffPost Live. We enjoyed recording it and I think you’ll enjoy listening to it, whether you’re a parent or not.

You should subscribe to their podcast however you usually do these things. I use the RSS Radio app, but iTunes and Stitcher are also good options. Just search for “Dear Mamas”.

In the unlikely event that anyone follows me who doesn’t already follow Holly and Emily, you can find Holly’s website here and Emily’s website here

Enjoy! And if you want to keep up with my posts, the best way to do so is to like my Facebook page.


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