An ode to one of my favourite things (spoiler: it’s a menstrual cup. If you don’t want to hear about period stuff, then do yourself a favour and don’t read it)

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Tampons and liners and minis and maxis

Money I could spend on shoes, booze and taxis

No digging ’round for a lost tampon string

That’s why my Mooncup’s my favourite thing


Light flow or heavy, in trickles or geysers

I don’t need products in different sizes

No getting pubes stuck under my pad’s wings

That’s why my Mooncup’s my favourite thing!


When it’s full I

Empty it out

And put it back in

And never regret that I don’t have to open that sanitary iiiiiitems bin!


Though I was worried that it might get stuck in

And though I have to clean out all the muck in

Tampax and Carefree and all of those brands

Can take my Mooncup from my cold, dead, bloooooody hands!


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